The Holy Redeemer Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society provides emergency assistance to families and individuals in our community.  The St. Vincent de Paul Society welcomes any parishioner who would like to volunteer time to continue the work of serving the needs of our community.  Meetings are held every month on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings in the parish rectory.  Please contact the Parish Office if you would like to volunteer – 503-285-4539.

July 22, 2018 – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tell his disciples to “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” Vincent de Paul, a great man of action was also a contemplative. His contemplation of God’s love overflowed into practical love for the poor.

Last Sunday Jesus sent his apostles on mission; this Sunday they face the harsh reality that the mission will wear them out. The exhaustion can come from the good work and the “great numbers” of people who need help. The needs are great and it can be exhausting to try to meet them. Whatever the cause of being worn out, Jesus is there to listen, support, and invite us to rest a bit. If we let Jesus gather us in, he will take care of us. We all need to go off to a “deserted place” occasionally to “rest awhile.” Whether this means taking some time alone each day to pray and rest in God, making Sunday truly a day of rest, or setting aside a few days a year to make a retreat, all of us need time to regain our strength so we can take up our own shepherding tasks. If the mission overwhelms us we will be unable to persevere. Living faithful to the mission Jesus has given us requires that we balance action and contemplation. (Living Liturgy, p.174)

Please say a special prayer for the poor and forgotten, as you place your gift in the Society of St. Vincent de Paul poor box.

Weekly Status of Giving:
Knowing that we find the face of Christ in the poor, for the week up to July 4th, through your gifts, Holy Redeemer SVDP Conference has brought the love and care of Jesus to the poor by assisting ten families with food worth $710 and five families with rent/utility bills totaling $1,284.87. 2,688 pounds of in-kind food donations were collected through the generosity of parishioners and friends, and 46 volunteer hours were worked including 14 care center visits.

Need Emergency Food Assistance?

HR’s SVDP Food Room (back side of church, basement level) is open every Wednesday and Saturday, 2:30-4:00pm. Anyone in need of emergency food is encouraged to go to the food room during these hours of operation to be given emergency food.  All requests are treated confidentially.