Health Promoters (Promotores de Salud)

Health Promoters (Promotores de Salud) are similar to the Health Team but work specifically with the Latino community at Holy Redeemer.  In partnership with Providence Health System, Catholic Charities’ El Programa Hispano, volunteers receive training to fulfill their roles as Promotores de Salud.  They work with the Faith Community Nurse to address health issues specific to the Latino community but have at times put on events for the entire Holy Redeemer community.  Their focus is to educate communities about health issues, to organize health-related events, and to advocate for services.  This group usually hosts the annual Dia de los Ninos celebration.  For more information on how to become a Health Promoter, contact our Hispanic Minister, Carmen Salvador, at 503-285-4539, ext. 513.

Promotores de Salud son similares a los del Equipo de Salud, pero trabajan específicamente con la comunidad latinaen el Santo Redentor. En asociación con el Sistema de Salud de la Providencia, Caridades Católicas El Programa Hispano, los voluntarios reciben capacitación para cumplir sus funciones como Promotores de Salud. Ellos trabajan con la Fe enfermera comunitaria para hacer frente a los problemas de salud específicos para la comunidad latina, pero tienen a veces ponen en eventos para toda la comunidad de Santo Redentor. Su objetivo es educar a las comunidades acerca de cuestiones de salud, la organización de eventos relacionados con la salud, y para abogar por servicios. Este grupo generalmente acoge el Día de los Niños celebración anual. Para obtener más información sobre cómo convertirse en un promotor de salud, póngase en contacto con nuestro Ministro hispana, Carmen Salvador, al 503-285-4539, ext. 513.

Ministers of Care

Sometimes parishioners are unable to attend Mass or come to Holy Redeemer because of an illness, injury or disability.  How can the church keep in touch with them when they are unable to physically come to campus?  This is where a Minister of Care becomes an important representative of our parish!

Ministers of Care are individuals who volunteer their time to visit the homebound.  They usually bring communion and the Sunday bulletin to parishioners during their visit.   Volunteers who are not currently Eucharistic Ministers may learn how to do this if they like and it gives them a real sense of purpose to the visits.  Parishioners really feel a sense of joy when they continue to feel they are part of Holy Redeemer’s community.  Visits may be long or short term commitments; it all depends on the volunteer and how much they able to do.  If you are interested in this important ministry, please contact Stephanie Brown at the rectory (ext. 512).